Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is our sweet dog, Salem. After a very brief illness, she went to be with the Lord this week. Joe & I are both so grateful for the GIFT that she has been to our family & for the many wonderful memories we have of her!!

It's strange for me to realize that, at almost 54 years old, Salem is the first dog in my life that I have really called "Friend". She loved our boys as they were growing up, always happy to be their playful buddy. She has been my close companion & a constant presence for me. With all of Joe's travels, I have never felt alone or afraid with Salem at home with me. Joe had developed a "tradition" when I came home from work... both he & Salem would come out on the front porch to greet me. There she'd be, tail wagging & barking to get my attention. It always made me feel loved.  :)
Salem helped me through all the transitions of motherhood as we sent Ben & Jesse off to college & out into life. Her presence in our house helped fill our home with warmth & joy & peace for me... and how fitting that is since the word "Salem" means "Peace".

Thank you, Lord, for the GIFT Salem has been for our family & for me!! I am so GRATEFUL to have enjoyed her friendship & companionship! My heart is hurting now... but I trust in You. I know your plans are GOOD. Please be very present to us as we walk through this valley... and help us find JOY in our memories of Salem.

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