Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is our sweet dog, Salem. After a very brief illness, she went to be with the Lord this week. Joe & I are both so grateful for the GIFT that she has been to our family & for the many wonderful memories we have of her!!

It's strange for me to realize that, at almost 54 years old, Salem is the first dog in my life that I have really called "Friend". She loved our boys as they were growing up, always happy to be their playful buddy. She has been my close companion & a constant presence for me. With all of Joe's travels, I have never felt alone or afraid with Salem at home with me. Joe had developed a "tradition" when I came home from work... both he & Salem would come out on the front porch to greet me. There she'd be, tail wagging & barking to get my attention. It always made me feel loved.  :)
Salem helped me through all the transitions of motherhood as we sent Ben & Jesse off to college & out into life. Her presence in our house helped fill our home with warmth & joy & peace for me... and how fitting that is since the word "Salem" means "Peace".

Thank you, Lord, for the GIFT Salem has been for our family & for me!! I am so GRATEFUL to have enjoyed her friendship & companionship! My heart is hurting now... but I trust in You. I know your plans are GOOD. Please be very present to us as we walk through this valley... and help us find JOY in our memories of Salem.

Sunday, November 08, 2009


"The Pumpkin Patch"

It seems I've jumped directly from August to November here on my blog!... an unintended "Blog Vacation" on my part for sure! Since the beginning of the new school year, I've been learning a new job (I'm the part time administrative assistant at preschool), helping out in the 3 year old classroom, keeping up with "normal" life at home, and trying my best to squeeze in a little art time. I've been reminded once again that I'm a "one-thing-at-a-time kinda gal", and NOT a born multi-tasker! :)

But my heart and mind are never far from my love for creating! I've continued to fill my sketchbook with artful ideas before they whiz through my brain. I've splurged on some new Copic markers that I am absolutely loving! And I've been researching a new direction for my artwork... digital stamps for papercrafting. This is an exciting avenue, one I haven't considered before, and I'm eager to see where it takes me!

I realized recently that I'd never posted a picture of myself on my blog. I'm a bit shy about this, but I know that I always like to link a name with a face. So, here goes!...

 Wishing you all the JOYS that Autumn holds!!
~ Patti 

Monday, August 24, 2009


"Sailing with Spot"

It doesn't seem possible, but today is the last day of my summer vacation! One of the BLESSINGS of being a preschool teacher is having the whole summer off! I've enjoyed being at home with Joe and Salem (our sweet dog) and living life at a more relaxed pace. I've had fun...

* Celebrating my parents' 54th anniversary with all my family :)
* Spending a week at Myrtle Beach with Joe & Ben (Beach, pool, & eating out!)
* Sketching, reading books, & knitting a scarf (my first knitting project!)

* Creating art for children to put in my Etsy shop, PHOLKART*BLESSINGS
* Helping Jesse & Ben as they've settled into Ben's new house
* Visiting Joe's mom at her farm (Mmmm!... fresh veggies & sweet corn!)
* Caring for an adorable baby girl while her mom was working (such a blessing!)
* Watching movies at home & seeing "Harry Potter" with Joe at the theater

... So many GOOD things!! As I head back into the new school year, I know that the Lord has given me the gift of rest & refreshment this summer. And I'm so GRATEFUL knowing He has good plans for the children & for me in the coming school year! :)

Saturday, August 01, 2009


On a recent shopping trip to AC Moore (my favorite craft store!), I couldn't resist picking up the most recent edition of ClothPaperScissors STUDIOS. Of course, I went right home & proceeded to read it from cover to cover! Afterall, who can resist peeking into artists' spaces and seeing them at their creative work?... Not me! :)

Inspired by all the colorful pics I found within its' pages, I decided to offer a mini-tour of my own home studio here on my blog... So WELCOME to "This Old House" and my creative space!

My studio is located in the back bedroom of our 1920's Bungalow and has LOTS of natural light! I have a great view out the window into my neighbors' English garden.

My art desk was a birthday gift to me from my sweet husband Joe!... The sideboard that holds my light box used to be the changing table in my sons' nursery! I have a single bed in my studio I use as a daybed... perfect for journaling, sketching, sipping tea, and snoozing! :)

This is the view from our kitchen into my studio... just steps away from my computer & our laundry room. I like being able to work on my artwork while keeping things going around the house!

My husband helped me improvise storage in my studio... It inspires me to have all my arty "stuff" where I can see it & within easy reach!

Our back porch is just off the kitchen and studio. It's one of my favorite places in our home! I spend LOTS of time out here on my computer. I can watch the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks at the feeder from my perch. My dog, Salem, often keeps me company here while I work. :)

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek inside my studio! I would LOVE to hear about YOUR creative space and why you enjoy being there so much!

To see my most recent creations, please come visit my Etsy shop, PHOLKART*BLESSINGS! :)

Monday, June 29, 2009


This past Memorial Day weekend, my parents celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary! Months before this special day, planning began to gather family and close friends from all over the country. Invitations were sent, a lovely reception hall overlooking the river was rented, centerpieces were designed using photos of my parents' wedding and cheerful red roses, and balloons were hung in big bouquets around the room. My niece even recorded music from 1954, the year my parents were married!

What a wonderful celebration it was! And most special of all to me was hearing from so many guests who came forward to share. One after another, they talked about how they'd been blessed by my parents and their marriage. The Lord had used Mom and Dad over those 55 years to care for so many people! What an amazing thing to hear how lives had been changed and people brought to know Jesus... all because my parents had held firmly to their faith and to each other!

Lord, thank you so much for Mom and Dad. May you use my husband Joe and I in our marriage to honor You all of our days!

The picture above was created by me in celebration of my parents' anniversary. While deliberating on a border to frame the piece, I could think of nothing better than "Rol hearts Joan hearts Rol hearts Joan..." forever! :)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


"Garden Bunny"

It's Spring Break for me this week, and I'm enjoying taking off my "preschool teacher's hat" and putting on my "artist's hat". I spent a whole day spring cleaning my blog, updating the colors and decluttering a bit. I had fun creating a clip art "baby chick" in PaintShop Pro from one of my little drawings to use on my new banner. Slowly, I'm getting more comfy creating simple digital art! :)

I've made time to just "doodle" this week. It's been wonderful to have the time and the energy to sit with my cup of tea and my sketchbook, just enjoying the process of "playing on paper." There's been no pressure to produce... just the pleasure of seeing what develops. I'm amazed as I see these little sketches come to life! They are a gift to me and bring me so much joy!!

Thank you, Lord, for rest and renewal... Thank you for the chance to be inspired and to enjoy the process of creating!!

"Garden Bunny" is available in my Etsy shop, PHOLKART*BLESSINGS

Friday, February 20, 2009


"Love One Another"

I've been wanting to update my blog for the month of February... something appropriate for Valentine's Day, something "meaningful and insightful", perhaps some whimsical story or "fresh new take" on what it means to LOVE (and YES! I have been waaaay over-thinking this blog post! ;) ).

But in the end, I've returned to a favorite portion of Scripture that best sums up Love for me. From I Corinthians:13...

"Love is patient,
love is kind.
It does not boast,
it is not proud.
It is not rude,
it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects
always trusts,
always hopes,

always perseveres.
Love never fails..."

I Corinthians 13:4-8 NIV

Please love those who cross my path each day with YOUR perfect love, Jesus. Help them to experience YOUR love for them through me... Amen.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


"Carolina Snowfall"

I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions... Unfortunately, I've learned from past experience that I don't follow through very well on my best intentions!

But this year I hope will be different for me! I'm feeling the need to define what I'm doing art-wise better & simplify, simplify, simplify!! I want to clean out my studio & make it a cozy place to create (instead of a cluttered place just to store art supplies!). I want to step away from my computer & rediscover the joys of quiet time set aside just for sketching and journaling.

Most of all, I want to listen to my own heart & create art that reflects ME... and pleases GOD.

** As YOU enter the New Year, what are YOUR Artful Resolutions?... and how do you hope to achieve them???

Perhaps we can encourage one another as we grow as artists in the coming year!!

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