Friday, May 05, 2006


Abby and Andy recently put a new swingset in the backyard for Jane & George. It has a "fort" with ladders & climbing handholds on both sides that lead to a platform & a slide. Very cool!!! Jane spent the first days it was up learning to climb to the top, and then happily sliding down -- over & over again!

One day recently when I arrived at the house in the morning, Jane had some new "treasures" she was excited about -- a Princess fanny pack, a sparkly pink purse shaped like a crown, and an assortment of make-believe makeup. She spread these on the coffee table in the family room (along with "Bate", her special blanket), and admired each piece. Jane was absorbed for a long while with her task of packing her purse, unpacking it, trying out the makeup, and packing it all over again.

When it was time to go outside to play on the swings (wheeeeeee's!! in Jane-speak), nothing would do but to also take "Bate", the purse, the fanny pack, and all the other paraphanelia out with us as well. I was less than enthused about this idea; but I decided to let Jane go ahead with her plan and see what happened. This would be interesting!...

I had to laugh to myself as Jane attempted to climb to the top of the fort with "Bate" in one hand, the purse in the other, and the fanny pack slung around her neck! She was sooooo determined, but kept being tripped up and weighed down by all her many "treasures."

At that point, I had one of those "God moments" that sometimes comes my way. "I get it, Lord! I also struggle with getting weighed down by all my 'stuff.' Please help me to keep choosing to live simply so I can be free to follow You."

Written 4/18/06

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