Monday, February 26, 2007


There are few things that can fill a child's heart with delight and anticipation more than the very first snow of winter!...

That's why recently, on a cold and blustery January morning, I was greeted at work by two bright-eyed, excited children! They were bundled up to their cute little noses in scarves and winter jackets, still struggling to pull on their boots and mittens and hats. HURRY! HURRY! The snow was falling... and there was LOTS of winter fun waiting for them outside!!

I thought for a moment, "If only I had my camera!".... and then captured the snapshot above in my mind's eye.

Thank you for these precious children, Lord! They teach me to see the world once again through the eyes of wonder!

1 comment:

Pressed Ink said...

Patti, how fun! The first snow of the season is so much fun!


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