Thursday, January 12, 2012


 ...Well, not really ME, but my BLOG is moving! After six fun years of writing SIMPLE*BLESSINGS & calling this my home on the Blogosphere, I've decided to move to some "New Diggs"... really just around the corner!

WHY??? you might ask... Well, mostly for practical reasons. For a while now, I've wanted to share BIGGER pictures & to change the background on my blog to a more neutral WHITE. But, even though I've learned a lot about HTML over the years, I finally reluctantly decided that tweeking my current blog was waaaaay beyond my Geeky abilities! If I wanted these changes, I was just going to have to pack up & move!

So, that's what I've been doing this past month... and my new blog is almost ready to launch! The BIG CHANGE (besides the moving part) is that I'm also adopting a NEW BLOG NAME so my artwork can be found more readily online. Instead of SIMPLE*BLESSINGS, my new blog will be called PHOLKART*BLESSINGS, just like my Etsy shop. Google seems to think that's a good idea, too!   ;)

I'm going to keep SIMPLE*BLESSINGS online... It's been such a cozy place, & I love the idea that I can come back to visit anytime I want to! Lots of stories & life lessons here I don't want to forget. But now, it's time to turn down the heat, lock the old front door, & hide the key under the front porch mat...

THANKS for the sweet memories, SIMPLE*BLESSINGS!... It's been so good to call you HOME!   :)

I hope you'll come on over to PHOLKART*BLESSINGS & follow me on my NEW BLOG!  :)  The coffee is brewing & I'm busy creating!... As always, I would LOVE to hang out with you !!


Sandi Holland said...

Hi Patti: I'll gladly follow you soon as I see your link. Your stuff is still just as delightful as it has always been and gives me such a warm, happy feeling when I view it. My mother paints simple, folkart landscapes. They are beautiful and unique. I will also link her blog to you Take care and see you around. Sandi

Patti Moore said...

Hi Sandi! :)

Thanks so much for the kind comments you left on my blog, SIMPLE*BLESSINGS! I am so glad that you have enjoyed my art in the past!... and I'd love it if you'd continue to follow me on my new blog, PHOLKART*BLESSINGS. :)

My new blog address is: Still a work-in-progress, but I'm pleased with my brand new "Blog Home"!

Happy Creating to both you & your mom!
~ Patti Moore

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