Saturday, August 01, 2009


On a recent shopping trip to AC Moore (my favorite craft store!), I couldn't resist picking up the most recent edition of ClothPaperScissors STUDIOS. Of course, I went right home & proceeded to read it from cover to cover! Afterall, who can resist peeking into artists' spaces and seeing them at their creative work?... Not me! :)

Inspired by all the colorful pics I found within its' pages, I decided to offer a mini-tour of my own home studio here on my blog... So WELCOME to "This Old House" and my creative space!

My studio is located in the back bedroom of our 1920's Bungalow and has LOTS of natural light! I have a great view out the window into my neighbors' English garden.

My art desk was a birthday gift to me from my sweet husband Joe!... The sideboard that holds my light box used to be the changing table in my sons' nursery! I have a single bed in my studio I use as a daybed... perfect for journaling, sketching, sipping tea, and snoozing! :)

This is the view from our kitchen into my studio... just steps away from my computer & our laundry room. I like being able to work on my artwork while keeping things going around the house!

My husband helped me improvise storage in my studio... It inspires me to have all my arty "stuff" where I can see it & within easy reach!

Our back porch is just off the kitchen and studio. It's one of my favorite places in our home! I spend LOTS of time out here on my computer. I can watch the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks at the feeder from my perch. My dog, Salem, often keeps me company here while I work. :)

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek inside my studio! I would LOVE to hear about YOUR creative space and why you enjoy being there so much!

To see my most recent creations, please come visit my Etsy shop, PHOLKART*BLESSINGS! :)


Lisa said...

I love it!!! I'm going now to see if there are more pics of your home. (hint, hint)

Patti said...

Thanks for visiting, Lisa!... So glad you like my cozy art space! :)

I DO love to decorate, but so far no other house pics on my blog here. If you'd like, you can peek at my facebook profile... I've just added an album called "Home Sweet Home" & I'll be adding more pics there soon!

Happy Weekend!! :)
~ Patti

ellie said...

wow! what a great space for creating! I'm jealous!!! (mostly because it is soooo neat and tidy! lol)

You've inspired me to clean up my own studio....or perhaps to call myself in to one of those home organizing shows for

Karen Faulkner said...

I loved seeing where you make your art,Patti! Thanks for sharing. You have a lovely home studio. I need to clean mine up a bit before I can take any pictures :)

rozzissweetpeas said...

So! I am jealous. My creative streak doesnot include being tidy. Great work space. Stopping by from your swaeeet comment on my blog..hugs rozzi

Patti said...

Well... you notice I didn't show the insides of any drawers or the closet! I like to keep my messiness well-hidden! ;)

But seriously, I don't think very well in clutter! I tend to clean my environment up before I create... It makes me feel happier & more peaceful! :)

Dallas said...

Your craft room is wonderful and so cozy!

How neat to be able to use your computer on the back porch and be a part of nature :o)


Patti Moore said...

So glad you like my studio, Dallas! The afternoon light just streams through the windows, making it a cheerful space even in the Wintertime!

My favorite visitors to our bird feeder are a pair of woodpeckers who lives in a big old tree at the back of our yard. :)

kristen said...

oh Your space is so clean :) It is so nice and cheery and bright! Like you!

Patti Moore said...

((Kristen))... Thank you for the sweet compliment! :)

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