Monday, June 29, 2009


This past Memorial Day weekend, my parents celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary! Months before this special day, planning began to gather family and close friends from all over the country. Invitations were sent, a lovely reception hall overlooking the river was rented, centerpieces were designed using photos of my parents' wedding and cheerful red roses, and balloons were hung in big bouquets around the room. My niece even recorded music from 1954, the year my parents were married!

What a wonderful celebration it was! And most special of all to me was hearing from so many guests who came forward to share. One after another, they talked about how they'd been blessed by my parents and their marriage. The Lord had used Mom and Dad over those 55 years to care for so many people! What an amazing thing to hear how lives had been changed and people brought to know Jesus... all because my parents had held firmly to their faith and to each other!

Lord, thank you so much for Mom and Dad. May you use my husband Joe and I in our marriage to honor You all of our days!

The picture above was created by me in celebration of my parents' anniversary. While deliberating on a border to frame the piece, I could think of nothing better than "Rol hearts Joan hearts Rol hearts Joan..." forever! :)


Melanie said...

How wonderful! I hope you framed this and gave it to them as a gift.
You are a such a talented lady - your folk art just graps me every time I see it and warms my heart


Patti said...

Thank you, sweet Mellie! :)

I DID frame this & give it as an anniversary gift to my folks! I found the PERFECT frame... textured white with a beach cottage-y feel. I even took pics that I'd hoped to post here; but something went crazy & the pics have disappeared!... Oh well! I was really please with the way it all came out... and I think my parents liked it, too! :)

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