Sunday, March 20, 2011


Meet Winnie!!... She's our lovable Labrador Retriever! My husband & I are so blessed to have just passed the one year mark of adopting her into our family!

Winnie came to us through the Lab Rescue of North Carolina last winter, a few months after we said an unexpected goodbye to our sweet dog, Salem. Our home had felt quite lonely during those months between Christmas & February... and since both my husband Joe & I had grown up in dog-loving families, we became eager to find another companion who would "fit" into our family.

Unfortunately, we don't know much of Winnie's story. She was quite sick when she was rescued by the Humane Society & needed to be treated for heartworms. She also had recently had puppies... and though we tried to track down what had become of her little ones, we were never able to locate them. I have to think that she was a kind & gentle Mama!

This week Winnie & I went to the vet for her one year check-up... and I'm happy to say she is back to full health! With the exception of a few extra pounds she gained over the winter months (something we have in common!), Winnie is doing just fine! How thankful I am that the Lord has provided such a loving, laid back, & faithful friend for us to enjoy!

I hope you will consider whether or not you might be able to open your home to a rescued pet in need of love & kindness!!


ScrappingBeauty said...

I think it's wonderful you adopted Winnie into your family. As with all family members- no one is perfect. With patience, understanding and love every relationship prospers. Happiness to you and yours, Paulette

Jessica Nicely said...

Winnie is beautiful!!! :) Hope to see more of her on here! :)

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