Sunday, April 16, 2006


It's 10:30 on an ordinary Saturday morning. I have no place to be, no schedule to keep. A whole empty day stretched before me -- pure bliss!!

So far, I've had French toast coffee with my husband, Joe (usually we have pancakes, but today just felt like a French-toast-kinda-day!). Mine had Grandma's homemade strawberry jam, made with strawberries grown on the family farm -- YUM!!! Fed and talked to Salem, our dog (who loves the extra attention). Let Salem in & out of the back door at least ten times (she likes to see what's goin' on in her neighborhood!). Checked my email and my eBay art groups. Listened to my husband laughing his big, happy laugh from the next room as he watched a SciFi show he'd taped (how I love that laugh of his!!). Considered all the many ways I might spend today -- vacuuming? (nah!), folding clothes? (definitely!), washing my hair & getting it cut? (great idea!), changing the sheets? (yup, put that one on the list), going outside? (it's 60 degrees today in January -- much too nice to be inside all day!), wandering around in my favorite craft store (what a treat!), doodling? (just haven't had time lately, and I've missed being creative)...

Lord, I'm so grateful for this ordinary Saturday, when I can JUST BE!! Thank you for time to regroup, catch up with myself, and play a little!

Written 1/28/06

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