Sunday, April 16, 2006


OK, I'll be honest... I like a little attention when I'm feeling sick. I like my husband, Joe, to be empathetic and to do thoughtful things for me. I like to hear, "Hon, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well -- is there anything I can get for you?" I like a few well-timed hugs from him. I like to be able to whine a little bit, and have that be alright...

To his credit, Joe did all these thoughtful things for me over the past few days when I've been down with the "bug". But, with a busy week ahead of him, he also did his best to avoid all my germs. He just didn't have time to get sick right now.

So, I decided I'd give myself a large dose of TLC. Here's what helped:

1. Hot tea, with sugar & milk and OJ -- I have consumed what must be gallons of it!
2. Chicken noodle soup -- the chunky kind your Grandma would have made.
3. Salem, my dog -- there's just nothing like the comfort that comes from your faithful doggie friend!!
4. My favorite, snuggly blanket -- great for keeping you warm while you're on the couch watching HGTV, or for snoozing under on Grandma's old bed in the afternoon.
5. A warm shower -- even though I have a tendency to want to lounge around in my robe all day when I'm sick, getting under the warm water & then into some clean, comfy clothes really makes me feel better.
6. A good book -- the kind that doesn't take too much thinking, but keeps you entertained. Back issues of your favorite magazines (the kind with lots of pictures) work well, too!
7. Lots of naps -- all taken under the aforementioned snuggly blanket with your doggie.

After six days, I'm glad to be feeling a whole lot better! It's good to have my energy (and my sense of humor) back! Makes me appreciate how great it is to feel "normal"!

Written 1/16/06

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